Surname Maps for the CARLIN Surname in Scotland

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Census Surname Maps for the CARLIN Surname

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Surname Map for CARLIN in 1901

Where in Scotland does the surname CARLIN come from? The map on this page is based on the 1901 census of Scotland, the data for which is available here: Census of Scotland.

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When producing these maps, I use the exact spelling in the 1901 Scottish Census, with the following exceptions: All surnames are converted to their uppercase equivalents. I replace all occurrences of MC and M' with MAC. And I remove all non-alphabetical characters, such as hyphens, spaces and apostrophes. This results, for example, in the names Mac Vey and McVey appearing together on the same map. Likewise, O'Neill, Oneill and ONeill appear together as ONEILL. No other grouping is done.

Surname Rank Map for CARLIN in 1901

A huge amount of effort has gone into the production of these maps and I have been very careful to ensure that the census data has been processed as accurately as possible. However, I take no responsibility should I have failed in any way in this regard. Nor shall I be held responsible for any errors on the official census website. As stated, the census is available online enabling you to confirm the information presented here for yourself. Enjoy!

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